Untreated Crohn’s Disease Can Cause Serious Problems

Some people really don’t like to go to the doctor, so they try to take care of any medical issues on their own. That can work out fine, but if the symptoms are ongoing indigestion, irregular bowel movements or cramps, then the underlying issue might be Crohn’s disease . And if that’s the case, then medical attention is definitely necessary.

Crohn’s disease causes ulcers on the intestinal wall. This may lead to narrowing of the bowel, which may affect how well your intestines are able to keep contents moving. If untreated, you could develop some serious complications . These include fistulas, which occur when an ulcer extends completely through the intestinal wall and attaches to another part of your body. Untreated Crohn’s also means that you may not digest food properly, so you can suffer from anemia and other malnutrition-related problems. Arthritis, kidney stones and gallstones are other potential complications.

If you are suffering from some of the symptoms of Crohn’s, it’s a very good idea to see your physician promptly. He or she may recommend some tests, and perhaps even a colonoscopy, to see what’s going on in your digestive tract. This will also let you find out if you have any other issues, such as polyps that need to be addressed.

When it comes to your gastrointestinal health, it’s best not to suffer in silence. In fact, it’s best not to suffer at all, so be proactive and seek medial attention if things aren’t flowing properly.

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